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Eretic Powder Snow Scooter

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New Eretic Snowscoot, lot of minor changes, new griptape, now pins on the deck.

The deck and bar are longer et wider.

Powder skis, mostly made powder/puff and chill.

Steel rigid fork, integrated headset, lock all grips.

Weight : 12.41 lbs (5630g)

Deck Lenght : 22,8 in (580mm)

Deck Width : 5,5 in (140mm)

Angle : 81°

Material : Aluminium 6061 / Steel 4130

Bar Height : 28,4 in (720mm)

Bar Width : 24,4 in (620mm)

Diameter : 34,9mm

Compression Type : HIC

The Snow Scoot also includes a better leash, and a short, specifically designed allen key for easy installation and maintenance of the skis.


CAD MSRP: $599.99 CAD