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What the riders think

Fender is beautiful, thank you


You guys definitely have the best looking fender!


Literally the best pegs out there I just need two more and we're rolling!


Yea, oh you guys' wheels are amazing


Nothin but the best, baby!


Won't ride any other fender


Best fender I've ever ridden hands down


They slide so dreamy


The teal jacket goes hard this is fire!


Most Recent Canada's Finest Feature

Cameron McRobbie | Welcome to North

Once again we have a video from the one and only Cameron McRobbie.  Cam filmed his welcome to North part and as usual the man straight killed it. The opening clip of him shoveling snow hits close to home for all of us Canadians and shows just how dedicated to putting in work he is. One of the most well rounded riders out there never dissapoints. Share this one around